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I am a professional Silverlight Developer with a passion for Design, based in Cambridge in the UK.

I have been using Silverlight since beta 2 which came out on my placement year and I took the opportunity to take part in an R&D project using Silverlight and Adobe Flex. Once I completed University I went onto the project which partially developed from this project.

I have always had a creative side and a passion for creating things which excite me primarily and hopefully the same things excite others. I started doing graphical and web design at a young age. All credit to the University for forcing us to expand our knowledge before focussing on Games Programming. I learned so many technologies from low level graphics programming to creating web shops using Oracle. This opened the floodgates and allowed me to create everything I had previously only dreamed of.

Before deciding whether to go to University I had a strong focus on 3D doing Modelling and Animation using Maya. From this I received an unconditional offer for ‘Computer Games Design’. After reviewing the syllabus I felt I would not increase my prior skill set significantly for it to be worthwhile. Therefore I changed to ‘Computer Games Programming. This was a bold decision as I did not have the strongest mathematical background. I saw this as my last opportunity to push myself and achieve something in this subject area as well as learning programming. I pushed this even further by doing a dissertation with a focus on Physics, from which I achieved a First Class degree.


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