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Random effect based on Particle system

Just a small update with a random effect I created based on my particle engine. A fiddle of the effect is here.

Particle smoke effect

Having just finished a basic particle engine I thought I would quickly use this as a basis to make a smoke / fog effect.

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Particle System backlog

Features I plan to do as enhancements for by basic particle engine. Please add comments / vote on what you would like to see in the comments.
  • Use multiple technologies to render the particles but keep the engine inside JavaScript
  • Particle lifespans
  • Particle colouring / size throughout lifespan (lerp)
  • Use image as particle + rotate
  • Emitters (line, panel, angled)
  • Gravitational fields
  • Flocking
  • Repulsion fields
  • Collision detection between particles.
  • Some sort of performance benchmark (maybe swap to use dojo)
  • Smoke effects
  • Fire effects
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